Importing ABoat From The USA To Australia

Importing ABoat From The USA To Australia

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There are a couple of questions that need an answer before you can actually import a boat into Australia, and once you find those answers, you can safely find someone like Dazmac Logistics to help you out with the importing process as your information and their skills are going to make the process swift and simple.

What kind of a boat are you importing?

Just like there are many different types of land vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles and more, there are also different types of boats. The most common type of boats that are handled in the importing process are yachts, catamarans, fishing boats, speed boats, cruising boats, and many more.

All of these boats have a different policy when it comes to importing them into Australia, and depending on the boat you want to import, you should make sure to check out all the policies and the rules around it. This may include things such as the age of the boat, the model, the length of your ownership, and many different things.

The paperwork

After you are sure what kind of boat you are looking to import, you have to go through the paperwork. The paperwork usually follows a similar process like the land vehicles, but it will be handled in a survey way along with a couple of inspections.

The survey will ask you some basic information, and the inspection part is going to make sure that your boat is completely functional and safe, both for you and your environment. After the paperwork part is half done, you will be informed about the shipping cost.

By using boat export USA from Dazmac Logistics, your shipping cost will be exactly as it says at the beginning, while some other companies might charge you with various hidden fees. The hidden fees that some other companies do come at the time your boat is already in the port, which kind of forces you to pay the fee since you wasted a lot of time and money on other services, so be careful about that!

Transporting your boat on a bigger boat is the safest way to do it.

Post paperwork

After you pay all the appropriate fees and handle the paperwork, it is time for you to just sit and wait for your boat to arrive to Australia. Your boat will usually arrive on another, much bigger boat, and after it arrives, it will have to go through an inspection again.

During this inspection, you or your broker will be invited to be present in case there are any changes that have to be taken care of. Recently, these changes happen very rarely because Australia’s policy for importing is not as it used to be, so there is nothing for you to worry about, it should be just a regular checkup.

Registering your boat

Just like with all other vehicles, you will have to register your boat before you can start sailing around with it. This is usually a simple process, and if you easily went through the importing part, you have nothing to worry about. Do not forget to register the boat regardless if it is already registered in the USA, because your foreign registration is invalid!

Do not forget to register your boat before leaving the harbor!

Final Word

Importing your boat from the USA to Australia is extremely easy, however, you need to do some research and see what exactly you would like to import, and it is highly suggested that you find a broker instead of taking the whole process upon yourself, especially if it is your first time.

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